Mommy’s New Secret to Online Christmas Shopping

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I was supposed to have a baby on Monday, but she decided otherwise…

My husband and I had our entire weekend planned out.  Saturday was laundry and packing day. Then we were going to spend Sunday preparing for baby girl’s arrival by knocking out a little Christmas shopping, stocking the fridge, and getting the house ready for an extra guest, or two.  Monday morning was going to be last minute bill paying and anything else we forgot before checking into the hospital for my cesarean. One problem.

I went into labor Saturday.

When the contractions started on Saturday I was in denial.  I was determined she wasn’t going to arrive until Monday, so I ignored them.  I thought if I took a shower, laid down, or went to sleep they would magically go away.  It didn’t work.  Instead, I woke up at 5:30 am on Sunday morning calling the hospital to let my doctor know I was on my way — a full day early.  Of course, none of this would have been a problem if we weren’t just over ten days away from Christmas.

Christmas Shopping with Baby

December is already an action-packed time of year, but with a new baby (who arrived, before she was supposed to), having a c section for the first time, and being stuck in bed when I need to be doing so much more — I’m having to adjust. This is where Groupon is helping.  Groupon is already one of my favorite apps for on-the-go fun and adventure, but I recently learned about Groupon Goods and I’m floored!  I had no idea that I could purchase products and gifts from Groupon, AT GROUPON PRICES!  During my first quick search I found three items on our Christmas list that allowed us to save money, OR upgrade the gift we had in mind while paying the same price we originally budgeted!  No more panicking over our unfinished weekend shopping and my added days confined to my bed! Groupon Goods is Mommy’s new secret to online Christmas shopping.

Look for your Christmas Gifts at Groupon Goods.

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One thought on “Mommy’s New Secret to Online Christmas Shopping

  • Our son was born one week from Christmas. My Christmas strategy was a combo of my husband, online shopping, mil, and sister. We also kept our present budget down because we planned on getting the kids a swingset.


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