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Clixo Crew Pack Hours of Fun in One Small Box!

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I am going to be as honest as possible here.  When our Clixo arrived, I was confused and maybe a little worried my daughter wouldn’t like it.  I didn’t understand what they were, how to build with them, or anything!  I gave our Crew Pack to her with the hopes she could make some use of them, having little expectation that she actually would.

Within minutes, my preschooler came to show me that her sister made her a princess crown.  A few minutes after that, my six year old son showed me his super-hero mask she made for him! Then came a snake, ball, dragonfly, and a helicopter!

Needless to say, the toy that I reluctantly gave my eight year old daughter has been put to great use! Who knew such a little box of magnetic origami play pieces would provide endless opportunities to be creative? I certainly didn’t, but I do now!

About Clixo:

Clixo, a building toy with a modern twist that combines the magic of origami with the ease of classic block building. Clixo is also outdoor-friendly. Clixo’s pieces are magnetic and can be built anywhere- on the ground, outside, in the air, or on the go. It’s designed to be a simple, intuitive play system that can be a ball, a hat for your teddy bear, a plane or even a snake – whatever it is, Clixo allows kids to be in charge of whatever creation they want. And what might be best is that Clixo easy for parents. When playtime is done, Clixo pieces easily snap together making cleanup a breeze.  Clixo is even dishwasher safe for deep cleaning!

The Crew Pack includes 28 pieces in 7 different shapes, 2 spinners, and a quick start guide for hours of fun and exploration, the Crew Pack is the value-sized collection, available in 3 different colorways.

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5 thoughts on “Clixo Crew Pack Hours of Fun in One Small Box!

  • What an awesome building set! I know my kids would love it, magnetic things are so much fun! I would be excited to see what they came up with too. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • This sounds like a fun toy. And very colorful!

  • My two youngest would love these! They are so cute.

  • This looks like a unique toy. I have a similar experiences with my grandkids where I don’t quite know how to put something together but they get it instantly.


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