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THiNK OUTSiDE: A Subscription Gift to Get the Family Outside!

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Getting my kids outside is so important for their health… and mine! Their little bodies and minds crave adventure, movement, and no boundaries. We used to be amazing at this, especially when we were fulltime traveling with new places to explore every two-three weeks. Now that we’re stationary, getting them outside requires much more creativity. Gifting them new outdoor adventure supplies is one way we do that, but THiNK OUTSiDE boxes are even better!

THiNK OUTSiDE Subscription Boxes


THiNK OUTSiDE Boxes are a monthly subscription service focused on outdoor exploration AND a year-long curriculum. The service provides quality, useful gear along with very thoughtful activities and educational information that encourage kids to get outside and play. It is not just about the gear or the information, but using both in tandem to become more skilled in outdoor life, while encouraging family involvement. The monthly themed boxes promote character building while instilling confidence, independence, and empathy.

Throughout the year, each themed monthly box includes outdoor gear, water-resistant resource cards, a 20+ page educational & activity booklet, as well as an outdoor challenge to do as a family. Your first box comes with a lightweight packable daypack (see the photo and video above). Choose from three daypack colors: orange, blue, or magenta.


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4 thoughts on “THiNK OUTSiDE: A Subscription Gift to Get the Family Outside!

  • This is an awesome subscription box! We love the outdoors as a family and try to spend as much time outside as possible. This would be so fun to do each month! Thank you so much for sharing.

  • This is a great book with lots of healthy outdoor fun projects.Too many children spend too much time on video games.I am so glad that when I was growing up we did not have them.I was blessed with lots of outdoor fun.


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