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Easy St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Garland Craft

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There are a number of simple garland ideas out there for St. Patrick’s Day, but this is likely the easiest you will find. Everything here can be found at your local Dollar Tree, but you can also have the craft supplies for this DIY Shamrock Garland Craft sent directly to your home via Amazon too! That’s what I did!  I don’t want to shop in person anywhere right now! Even with the pandemic is winding down, I’m in my third trimester, simply put, I don’t wanna!

The inspiration for this little project comes from my youngest daughter. She says St. Patrick’s Day is “her holiday” because it’s all about green things! (Green being her favorite color!) She wants to decorate everything, but aside from coloring pictures there hasn’t been a whole lot for her to do.

This garland is so easy to make my 5 year old did it! (No, she didn’t use the scissors shown)

Anything with clothespins is a great project for little hands. They learn how to use their hand muscles and are building up their fine motor skills.  Think about all of the muscles that go into gripping the small pins and pinching them open!  Don’t miss this opportunity mommy!

St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Garland Craft

DIY St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Garland

Supply List:


Cut twine to desired length.

Attach one shamrock to the twine using one clothespin.  Repeat.

Continue attaching foam shamrocks to the twine, evenly spaced (approximately every 2 inches) until you reach the end of your twine.

Affix garland to your desired wall, furnishing, or doorway with tape/putty.

St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Garland Easy Craft Idea

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