FREE PRINTABLE: St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Hat Coloring Page

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St. Patrick’s Day is not a holiday we celebrate often. This blog, Mommy’s Playbook, is almost ten years old and I just posted my first “official” St. Patrick’s Day post and added it to the holiday drop menu.

Just now! Ha!

Sure, we’re Irish (thank you to AncestryDNA), but we don’t drink alcohol. Being one of those holidays that is largely considered a “drinking holiday” it slips by most years without a second thought.  This year however, our five year old “all things green” lover, has been told a tale by her siblings about this magical holiday where you have to wear green!  It’s all over now!  She wants to decorate the house, talk about what green foods I can make her, she picked out a green dress on Amazon… It looks like we’re doing a full St. Patrick’s Day celebration at our house this year! (Help me!)

So, as I prepare myself for our St. Patrick’s Day adventure at home, I’m sharing the lucky fun with all of you wonderful people too! (I’m such a sharer!)

Free Shamrock Hat Printable Color Page

Download this funky Shamrock Hat for your crew to color!  It makes a great photo-booth hat too.  Just print it out on cardstock, color with Sharpies, and cut it out!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! ~ Victoria

St. Patrick's Day Coloring Page Derby Hat Shamrocks


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