Quick Tip: Frozen Fruit

My little ones are always getting hurt, bumping their head, getting knocked over by the dog (or a sibling).  One of the most difficult injuries to watch involves the mouth.  There is no bandage you can apply, no ‘magic’ medicine, nothing you can really do…

That is, until I realized, I had frozen fruit always on hand.  While I can’t get my little one to drink a cold glass of water when he bites his tongue, or have my baby girl suck on a teething toy when she has bumped her lip… I CAN get them to suck on a frozen strawberry.   So, that is our newest quick tip.

Do you have a little one with a boo boo ON, or IN, their MOUTH?

Have them suck on a frozen fruit!

Frozen Fruit Uses




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2 thoughts on “Quick Tip: Frozen Fruit

  • That is such a great idea. I have tons of ice packs for bruises and all types of aches and pains but I never thought of using frozen fruit for pains inside the mouth. Genius. Thanks.


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