Why Disney isn’t “Remaking” The Jungle Book! #JungleBook

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I always have the hardest time when Disney remakes one of their classic films.  I have to remind myself several times that Disney never remakes a movie.  What I mean by that is, Disney can re-release their classics over and over, and bring them into the most updated format available; at times even re-releasing them to theaters. So, they have zero reason to “remake” one of their films.  Instead, Disney seeks to bring new stories to the audience while paying homage to Walt Disney and the films that came before.  Making sure the latest story maintains the “Disneyesque” that we all look forward to, while standing on its own.

For example: Disney’s 1967 “The Jungle Book” was rereleased theatricaly two more times, as well as in home video, DVD, and Blu-Ray releases.  This 2016 movie isn’t a remake, it is a new story.

The Jungle Book opens in theatres everywhere

in 3D, RealD 3D, and IMAX 3D on April 15th!

Many strange tales are told of this Jungle.
But none so strange as the tale of the cub we called Mowgli …

~ Bagheera

The Jungle Book is a coming of age story about Mowgli.  Mowgli has been raised by wolves in a breathtakingly beautiful, yet very dangerous place, the Jungle of India.  While Mowgli has been a fearless child, the dangers of this jungle are becoming more real.  So real that the director believes you may forget to eat your popcorn!

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5 thoughts on “Why Disney isn’t “Remaking” The Jungle Book! #JungleBook

  • I want to see this movie so bad, I have 9 grandbabies would love to be able to take them all but that would be too much for me lol Definitely on the to do list ,,

  • Iwould love to take my granddaughter to see this movie

  • I’m actually really excited to see this. I loved the animated film growing up! 🙂


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