The Homeschooler’s Guide to Science Fairs – Free with Kindle Unlimited!


As a homeschooling family we gather resources from many places.  We love the library, have a large home collection of book, AND are members of Kindle Unlimited.   Kindle Unlimited offers a million different books that can be read on any device your family uses.  Do you have a teen who loves Harry Potter or are you looking for more resources to make your homeschooling more fun?

I’m excited to share a great book from a local homeschool mom and educator here in Central Florida.  Dr. Marie-Claire is the author of many books that are helping homeschoolers all over the country, but this book, in particular, is FREE when you have Kindle Unlimited!   — Science Fairs are for homeschooling kids too and Dr. Marie-Claire tells us everything we need to do it right!

The Homeschooler's Guide to Science Fairs by Dr. Marie-Claire Moreau

Do you think science fairs are just for school kids?

“Think science fairs are just for school kids? Think again! Homeschoolers coast-to-coast can compete (and win!) in science fairs, too!

Never entered a science fair before? No problem! The Homeschooler’s Guide to Science Fairs is the essential guide to developing a science fair project from beginning to end. From topic selection to building an award-winning display, it’s all in here. You’ll even find a flexible project time-table plus great tips for capturing any judge’s attention!

No science fair in your area? We’ve got you covered there, too. The Homeschooler’s Guide to Science Fairs offers parents, teachers and leadership groups everything they need to plan and hold a successful homeschool science fair of their own. Venue selection, project guidelines, categories and age/grade grouping, judges and scoring, room layouts and more – it’s all in here. You’ll also find letters, samples and blank forms to help with every step of the way. We’ve even included reproducible student certificates!

Whether you’re a parent or teacher planning a homeschool science fair, or a student learning how to conduct a science fair investigation for the first time, anyone can have the most successful experience ever. It’s time homeschoolers had a science fair guide of their very own. The Homeschooler’s Guide to Science Fairs is here!”


About the Author: Dr. Marie-Claire Moreau

“A long-time homeschooler and recognized advisor, coach, and mentor, Dr. Marie-Claire Moreau offers advice and support to families across the country. Having homeschooled preschoolers through high schoolers who have been accepted into college, Dr. Moreau devotes her efforts to empowering other parents to do the same. Through her teaching, writing, workshops and conference appearances, she provides resources, information, encouragement and support to families raising the next generation of scholars. The founder of Quick Start Homeschool .com and author of homeschool materials and more, Dr. Moreau helps families achieve homeschool success and lead extraordinary lives.”

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