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In a single afternoon, I can take thousands of pictures with my phone, but I never know where to put it all once I’m done.  If I upload the pictures to my computer, I bog down my computer and risk losing them if (errrr, when) my laptop fails.  If I upload them to the Cloud I fear they lose my files one day. I’m already paying a monthly fee for the amount of cloud storage I use, is this bill going to last forever?  Is Cloud storage the new utility bill?  I hate the thought of making my Cloud Storage bill going up! That means I end up deleting any of the pictures I take that aren’t “perfect’, the rest are all still on my phone somehow. That’s right, over a year’s worth of photos are still sitting on my phone! So what if I have so many that I now have to delete apps if I want to take more pictures — it’s not like I have another option…

If you’re like me, with your head in the sand refusing to look into Cloud alternatives to your storage problems, lets discover Kwilt together! With Kwilt we can have everything safely stored in one place! Now we can access all of our cloud, social media and home photos and videos from our mobile, PC AND the Web. Watch the video to learn more and read on to enter to win.

Access everything from anywhere…

What is KwiltGo?

KwiltGo is a full-featured personal cloud hub device at an affordable price! It offers three USB ports to connect hard drives and USB memory sticks allowing you to expand your storage capacity as needed. KwiltGo also features one USB input port and an SD card reader to import photos, videos and other files into any of the connected storage drives.

How Does KwiltGo Work? Learn more at Mommy's Playbook

What comes with KwiltGo?

KwiltGo comes with all the accessories you need to get going out of the box and is ready for expansion as needed. Each box contains a KwiltGo Device, Power supply, 16.0 GB USB 2.0 memory stick, 16.0 GB MicroSD Card, HDMI Cable, and Ethernet Cable.

Limited time offer!

Get KwiltGo and save a bundle! KwiltGo is available as a Special Edition bundle for a limited time only! It includes Kwilt2 plus a 16GB SD card to transfer photos and footage from your camera or drone to your external drives. Bring your neglected and forgotten drives to life by making them accessible while on the go via our easy-to-use app!

Enter to Win KwiltGo! Get access to your files from anywhere!



The giveaway is open US Only, 18+

The giveaway ends 7/6 at 1159 pm est

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 Welcome to the world of unlimited storage. Learn more about Kwilt at Mommy's Playbook

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13 thoughts on “Enter to Win KwiltGo! US Only, Ends 7/6

  • I have about 50 or so that need to be uploaded

  • I honestly haven’t uploaded a single photo from my phone yet so I’ve got probably 200+ that I need to upload!

  • I have about 100 photos on my phone that I need to upload.

  • My newest phone is filled with pictures already. Just recently 2 of our iphones gave out – just stopped turning on at all and I lost all those pictures because i didn’t have a back up and dont have another iphone plus iphones dont have removable storage. There were pictures from 2015 – present. My son is almost 5 … that is 4 of his 5 years worth of pictures 😦 I am trying to find someone or something to help me get them back. I hope I uploaded to the cloud and just getting an iphone will be the start ? I wish I had this device.

  • I have pictures from my new phone pictures from my old phone, and pictures from a digital camera I’ve had for years. Not to mention all the photos I have that I want to scan and be able to access. I would love to try this! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Not sure, but I’m constantly having to dump a few to make room at a moment’s notice. This would be great to have!

  • I don’t have so many right now because I accidentally deleted a bunch of them. I could have used this product when it happened.

  • I am not that into technology but my son is and he would love this for his little one and only


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