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Easy Valentine’s Day Gift for Grandma #PhotoApp

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This Valentine’s Day my husband and I are giving my mother-in-law something special — photos of our youngest children that have been edited using the myBabyD photo editing app.  This fun app for parents is a wonderful way to transform an everyday photo of your child/baby from your camera library, and make it extraordinary, memorable, and cherished.  Look at the adorable photo scenes you can create (below).  Aren’t they adorable?  I wish I could take these photos and make them a mural on my walls — they are so fun and cute!  Take a look at some of the cute Valentine’s Day scenes they offer:


About myBabyD:

myBabyD is an amazing photo and editing app for mums! Convert your existing photos into instant works of art where your baby or the mom to be will be the main character. With its easy to use interface, you can turn your baby into a chef, a superhero, a racing car driver or part of a holiday scene!

Transform their world into a funny drawing! Express your creativity making original scenarios with your pics!

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 Need Tips?  Visit myBabyD on Facebook for a Background Eraser Tutorial.


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3 thoughts on “Easy Valentine’s Day Gift for Grandma #PhotoApp

  • This is such a great idea for grandma’s Valentine! My mom would love this. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • This is a wonderful idea! I think grandmothers can be forgotten on valentine’s day. But I think they should be showered with love or gifts or hugs for every holiday! Grandmas are so important!! Thanks for sharing!


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