I Spy on My Neighbors…

I try really hard not to be one of those nosey neighbors that everyone hates.  However, when your blinds and windows are open, your eyes can see, and your ears can hear… you notice things. All sorts of things…

For one, I noticed that my neighbor around the corner is beyond anal.  I have never seen anyone edging their entire yard… with a shovel.  I agree, the edged look is nice, but not so nice that I would feel the need to kill myself with a shovel in ninety-degree weather to accomplish something that isn’t that important.  Meanwhile, if you decide to hop the curb a little rounding his corner- you won’t be hitting his grass anymore!

I think the worst thing I have witnessed before was my neighbors fighting.  A few years back I stood in the middle of my driveway for almost an hour in horror. I didn’t want to listen. And I didn’t really hear the words.  I just heard the screaming!   I  eventually called my husband to ask his opinion about sending a squad car over to check in on them.  I kept saying “If they are still at in ten minutes, I’m calling…”  I chickened out and went to another neighbor and asked what we should do.  She instead told me that they fight all the time with the windows open and that it probably wasn’t as loud as it sounded. Reluctantly, I retreated into the house.  [How to Recognize Domestic Violence Signs]

Currently, I feel like every time I enter my kitchen I am seeing one of my neighbors out of the front window. You know what they would think if they saw me standing there “Oh my Gosh!  Is she standing there again?  Such a nosey neighbor!”   Okay, so maybe not.  But that is what I feel like they would be thinking.

What should I do to not be a nosey neighbor? (Even an accidental one?) I don’t want to close my blinds, I don’t want to close my windows.  I certainly can’t run around with ear plugs and blinders on.  I’ve decided I’ll just…

Focus on the Trees!

Drive Me Crazy

What is the funniest thing you have witnessed while being a accidental nosey neighbor?

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