Tummy Buggin’


Do you know what is worse than being behind on laundry?  Being behind on laundry at the same time your toddler has a stomach bug; because you know there is no coming back from that anytime soon!  As I stuffed my fifth load of laundry in the washer this afternoon, it hit me that I haven’t made the slightest dent on the laundry I had actually intended to do today because I am just trying to stay afloat on the blankets and towels that my sick toddler is tossing his cookies on every twenty minutes…. oh my goodness….


Since my husband is home I opted to make the “sickly run” to the store this afternoon for supplies.  I couldn’t find anything in the medicine isle for his upset stomach so I opted to go the traditional route:  Chicken soup, Gatoraid, and Pedialyte Pops, Ginger Ale, and new lovee to cuddle with.  I used to get fairly annoyed when a company would slap a character on their box to entice the children to beg their parents for it… however, with my three year-old, I have learned to use these characters to my advantage.


Do you have a sick toddler that won’t drink?  Buy them a new sippy cup with their favorite buddy on it.  Today we opted for the Sponge Bob sippy since all I could find for him in the plush section (for boys, anyway) was a flat Sponge Bob.  (To me, nothing says “I love you baby” more than a new lovee when they are sick. It also helps me to determine how sick they really are.  If I don’t get the slightest acknowledgement that I am bringing them home something new, I know we are in trouble.)

While I was slightly cringing at the price of the flimsy Sponge Bob plush and single sippy cup, when I got home I knew that $20 was money well spent!  He is cuddling with his Sponge Bob pillow, drinking his Ginger Ale, while watching Sponge Bob on HuluPlus!   Why was this money well spent?  Because the kid has been borderline lethargic all morning and now he is up, drinking, watching TV, and feeling better!  Whew hoo!


This morning I woke up to a little one who couldn’t hold his stomach, wouldn’t move from the couch, and was alternating between throwing up and sleeping. This afternoon I have a little one who is up, walking around, talking, and eating graham crackers!  Yay!  Thank you Sponge Bob (just kidding…)

Note:  My little guy was not running a fever or displaying symptoms of needing medical attention. This is not medical advice as I am not a physician.

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5 thoughts on “Tummy Buggin’

  • I don’t have kids but I can see how this would have been useful to me as a kid, I was always kind of sickly with the bug.

  • That is sweet! Your little guy is adorable. We used to do the popsicle test too. If they don’t raise their heads to eat a popsicle – they are super sick!! My kids are a wee bit older than that now. I remember with my youngest last year being really happy she raced to the bathroom every time and puked in the toilet instead of all over the sheets. I completely empathize. I hated that sick time of year when this happened every single winter. The laundry is unmanageable when kids are yacking every three seconds.


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