Protecting Our Gun Rights – Women have them too!

Protect Our Gun Rights - Women have them too!

This happened to a friend of mine today!  (Yes, the above graphic is a true story.)  Two strange men drove up to her home when she was alone with her two children.  She lives in a very secluded area – they didn’t pull into her yard by accident.  She never did find out what they wanted but they called the police on their way out…. can you imagine what would have happened if she wasn’t protected by her state’s gun laws?  She could have been considered a criminal for protecting her family, or if she was a law abiding citizen, she and her children could have been seriously harmed- or worse.

Many of us are home alone for several hours with our children.  Are you prepared for an unwelcome guest?  I have a dream that one day if my family encounters an intruder in our home that he/she/they are greeted by a room full of rifles surrounding them at all angles.  Nope, not kidding.  Why?

Do you think they came into your home unarmed?

Would you want to risk it?


 As mothers/parents, it is our job to protect our children.  Some situations are easy ones, other situations cause us to come out of our comfort zone to accomplish.  If guns scare you, go to a class.   Go to several classes if you need to.  I won’t tell you to take some other form of defense training in lieu of gun safety and shooting lessons if you are scared of guns. While defensive tactics training will help you with protecting your children in many situations, the truth is: “the only thing stopping a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun!”   All of the kicking, punching, and pressure points in the world won’t help you if you can’t reach them before they harm you or your family.

Please, stop fighting for gun control

and start fighting for gun safety and education instead!

Protect Our Gun Rights – Women [Mothers] Have Them Too!


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2 thoughts on “Protecting Our Gun Rights – Women have them too!

  • Thanks for sharing my story! I only did what I felt was neccessary! I am a member of the Well Armed Womens Ethridge Chapter and we meet once a month to go over gun safety and enjoy Range Time. I am very comfortable with guns and my boys know proper use of guns also. Im a very proud supporter of my 2nd Ammendment Rights!

  • Agreed completely… And this might upset some folks… But that gun you own needs to remain available and loaded… You can’t tell a burglar breaking into your home… Give me a minute to unlock the gun safe…. then give me a minute to get my ammo out of a completely different safe.. You need to teach Gun safety to kids at a young age.. You need to teach them it is NOT a toy. My kids have been shooting for a few years now… They are 10 and 13. And before we taught them I talked with the police dept about youth and gun rules and safety.. And the officer I spoke with gave me the best advice… let them use it. Don’t make it a special thing in your house that they can only look at. This would make them curious to play with it…. Keep them involved so they know just how dangerous it is. And this way they can handle using it themselves responsibly. Just this momma’s thoughts.. 🙂


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