Strawberry & Butter Pecan Cheese-Cake Balls!


Cake balls are a lot like those boxed chocolate treats, everything looks so good and delectable… but you never know what you are going to get!  Personally, I hate cake balls. Well, all the cake balls I tried before making my own.  The frosting center made them so sweet my teeth wanted to run away!  I wanted something more pleasing.  Instead of a treat I could barely finish eating, I wanted something I couldn’t put down!  That is exactly what we came up with, a cheese-cake ball that we can’t put down!  These are two of my family favorites.

Strawberry Cheese-Cake Balls & Butter Pecan Cheese-Cake Balls


As you can already guess, I replaced that jar of frosting with cream cheese! Now my cake balls are really good… really, really good!  The moment you bite into them it is like a surge of deliciousness hits your mouth!  You close your eyes and …. laaaaaa…. yes, they are THAT good!

Make ’em for Yourself

They are super easy to make on your own.  Purchase a strawberry and/or butter pecan cake mix and bake according to the package directions.   Once they are finished cooking, cut them into squares and allow them to cool.

Meanwhile, place cream cheese in a stand mixer or large food processor and blend until creamy.   If you are making the strawberry cheese-cake ball, only one package of cream cheese is necessary.  Use two packages of cream cheese for the butter pecanone just doesn’t cut it for me.  Two packages provides it with a much richer flavor.

Once the cream cheese is smooth, add the cake squares while blending. You may want to add in a little at a time… my daughter will toss the whole cake in at once… same result, slightly bigger mess sometimes.

Continue to mix/blend the cake and cheese mixture until a soft dough is formed.  The dough will resemble a roll-out cookie texture. Gather the dough together into a large ball, wrap tightly in plastic wrap, chill in the refrigerator for one hour.

Cake Balls with Cream Cheese

Once your dough is chilled, melt your favorite white melting chocolate.  For us, we use one package of Almond Bark, I use half of the package at a time so I can work with smaller amounts.  When my toddler assisted me he managed to get bits of dough inside the chocolate.  When I needed to reheat it, the chocolate’s texture changed.  Using only half, allows you the opportunity to keep the balls from contaminating the entire block of chocolate.  Just toss the remaining half and start over in a fresh bowl.  Actually, mid-way, you should resume in a clean bowl just to be sure.

*NOTE: Add 1/2 tbsp of vegetable shortening to Almond Bark to thin chocolate if needed.

Christmas Cheese-Cake Balls:  Add red food coloring to the strawberry cheese-cake ball for vibrant red center.  Use green sugar sprinkles on wet chocolate dipped balls for festive appearance.


Butter Pecan Cake Balls

Downloadable Recipe Cards

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