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Stocking Stuffer Gifts: Wacky Packages Minis

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My daughter has a large collection of small collectible toys that my boys seem to like, but refuse to be seen playing with because… well… they’re girl toys. Pink packaging and all.  That’s what excited us the most about the Wacky Packages Minis. Their packaging is gender neutral, but the boys definately thought “These are for me! Hands off sister!”

Wacky Packages Minis make great stocking stuffers because the cups are tall and slender.  In the photo (above) I am holding two packages in one hand.  Although they are “mini”each Wacky Packages Minis “Blind Cup” includes five mini products, one mini Original Wacky Packages Sticker, and one Checklist to track your collection progress — there’s a lot stuffed in those mini cups!

Wacky Packages Minis Collection

About Wacky Packages:

Originally created by Topps in 1967, Wacky Packages were amusing send-ups of the popular household products of the time. This hit series of parody stickers has stood the test of time and resulted in more than 30 sets over the following decades. An amazing roster of collaborative artists and humorists brought stunning art and biting satire to Wacky Packages, earning the brand a coveted place in pop-culture history. This product is not authorized or endorsed by any of the companies who are the subject of parody.

The products being spoofed are all good ones. No kidding.

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7 thoughts on “Stocking Stuffer Gifts: Wacky Packages Minis

  • These are so cute. Great stocking stuffer idea!

  • My kiddos would love this!! Thanks for recommending!

  • These are really cool. I need to get some of these!

  • My granddaughter love these little things.

  • Wow, these mini foods are so adorable!! I love mini things but have never been able to find the little food for my daughters Barbies like I had as a kid. I am so glad you shared these, I can’t wait to get some for them! Thank you!


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