The Homeschool Mom Life Binder is NOW AVAILABLE!!!


Mommy, are your days spinning out of control?  Mine are.  I don’t know how many times I’ve tried to pull in the reins, gathering printables from all over the web trying to catch a grip on everything I have before me.  It’s hard.

Homeschooling is hard.

Mom life is hard.

Family Finances, are hard!

Years ago, when my family started homeschooling, I had dreams of perfectly run schedules and having it all together.  Seven years later, I still have those same dreams!   This is why I jumped at the chance to review the Homescool Mom Life Binder this week!  It is so easy for the days to spin out of our hands and to lose focus on what we’re doing as mothers, homemakers, and parents, and teachers.  Mommies! We have taken on all of these roles, and each one requires the utmost attention.  Instead of tossing our hands into the air, we have to get it together!


This is it!  This is my last week of feeling buried.

I’m printing my Homeschool Mom Life Binder today!

After today, I will be able to manage everything!

I do mean everything!

The Homeschool Mom Life Binder has everything I need to run my home and homeschool smoothly. The binder is broken down into six key sections and includes:

Monthly Planning with undated monthly calendars (for year after year use), goals, and important dates.

Weekly Planning for my to-do lists and all of our menus (breakfast, lunch, and dinner!)

Household Planning that includes detailed menu planning (weekly and monthly), cleaning schedules (daily, weekly, monthly), babysitting information forms, refrigerator/freezer/pantry inventory, household project tracker, categorized grocery shopping lists, family’s favorite meals tracker, recipe cards, pet health tracker, automobile maintenance tracker, and password log!

Financial Management to help me keep our budget under total control!  This section includes a bill payment tracker, quarterly budget trackers, checking and savings account registers, monthly budget planning, gifts planning, and Christmas budget tracker!

Homeschool Planning (I’m so excited), this section includes attendance forms (3 styles to choose from), grade records, monthly planning pages (with goals), yearly plan for each student, field trip logs, reading logs, unit study planner, digital curriculum inventory, weekly planning sheets for students, curriculum shopping wish list, mid-year homeschool review forms, AND weekly lesson planning forms (templates for 1, 2, or 4 children- can mix and match to fit your needs)

Personal Planning for your prayer list, categorized prayer list (my life, my children, my marriage, my home, my homeschool, others, and praises), monthly fitness plan, weekly fitness trackers (2 designs to choose from), personal goals, and contacts.

Sample Pages for the Homeschool Mom Life Binder

Isn’t that spectacular?  I honestly cannot think of one thing I would add to this binder that isn’t already there!  Can you?

Oh wait!  Maybe…

From now until Friday, July 15th, not only can you enjoy the Homeschool Mom Life Binder at a special introductory price of $14.99, but also, every purchase of the Homeschool Mom Life Binder will include two bonus downloads: A Busy Mom’s Christmas Helper- All in One Planner  and The Complete Thanksgiving Planner.

Can you believe the price?!!

When I was told about the Homeschool Mom Life Binder I honestly thought it would be priced so high I wouldn’t be able to afford it before the summer was over.  I was certain it would be priced at $40-65 because it is WORTH that and I would have paid whatever the list price was as soon as I could afford to.  BUT WOW!  $14.99 this week during the introductory sale WITH two additional downloads and only $19.99 for the binder thereafter!  That’s pretty amazing!

Get your copy today and take advantage of this spectacular introductory sale

AND don’t forget to tell me how amazing you think this binder is in the comments below!



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One thought on “The Homeschool Mom Life Binder is NOW AVAILABLE!!!

  • This is such a fantastic way to keep organized. This is exactly what I need to keep my 2 daughters work and assignents together. .


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