FREE PRINTABLE: Jack-O-Lantern Color, Cut, & Paste

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My youngest daughter is three and a little obsessed with cut and paste projects.  We purchased her a “cut and paste” workbook in September and she quickly ran through the entire book.  Yes! Cutting and pasting is her new favorite thing to do! I have the tiny pieces of paper in every crease and crevice of my home to prove it- Ha!

Since she ran through her workbooks so quickly, I have been scrambling to find at many cut and paste printable worksheets as I can. When I can’t find what I’m looking for online, I make it.  When I make them, that means I get to share those creations with you too! I hope your little one loves to color this cute pumpkin and paste on the jack-o-lantern face of their choice.

Note: The graphic below shows the colored pumpkin, however, the printable page allows for your child to color the pumpkin on their own.




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