Halloween Party Food: Yummy Mummy Pizza

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It’s October, and that means everyday is fair game for some Halloween fun, delicious treats, and a little yummy mummy pizza! As a homeschooling family we try to make the days leading up to Halloween as fun-filled as possible.  We have spider sandwiches for spider day, witch hat candy, and monster themed everything (my boys think monsters are so fun)!

Another fun Halloween themed food for kids are these Yummy Mummy Pizzas. I use English Muffins because they don’t have holes in them for the cheese to drop out, but you can use bagels if English muffins aren’t to your kids’ liking. They are easy to prepare in less than ten minutes. Yummy Mummy Pizzas are great for lunch anytime or as an appetizer at your Halloween party.

Mommy Tip: Let your kids make their own mummy!

Kids of all ages love being creative and making their own mummy pizzas!


Yummy Mummy Pizza

Yummy Mummy Pizza Recipe

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  • English Muffin (or bagel)
  • Sliced Mozzarella Cheese (Thick)
  • Jar Pizza Sauce
  • Sliced Olives


Lightly toast your English muffins in your toaster or oven. Arranged toasted muffins open faced on a cookie sheet. Top each with a spoonful (1 tbsp) of pizza sauce.  Add two olive slices for eyes. Cut sliced mozzarella cheese into thin strips. Arrange cheese on your pizza like mummy wrap leaving space for the olive eyes. Toast yummy mummy pizzas until cheese is melted.  Serve immediately.


Yummy Mummy Pizza

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