4 Ways to Save on Purchases AND Maximize Your Rewards Effortlessly!

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Savings are a big part of adult life. As grown-ups, we are always looking for ways to put money aside, or we try to find deals where we don’t have to pay full-price. Finding deals is an extremely time-consuming task! That’s why it’s always a lot easier to listen out for money saving tips and tricks from our friends. While many of us shop online using our credit cards, we don’t really spend time understanding the benefits we may be entitled too. The Sift App and Sift browser extension can help each one of us save something extra without having to go through too much of a hassle.


#1 Always pay the lowest price when shopping at Amazon

If you’re like me and do most of your shopping on Amazon, the Sift browser extension is a must have. Just install the extension, and next time you go to Amazon to buy something, it will automatically notify you if there is a better deal available from another Amazon seller or another retailer. Grab the browser extension NOW—->HERE

#2 Maximize your cashback and other rewards for every purchase and travel booking

Sift automatically calculates the optimal card to maximize your cashback for each purchase. It also displays all the other benefits that are available through different cards so that you can do informed decision. For example, to save money on your next family trip, you should check from Sift before making the payment to be sure you are using the card that has the best travel benefits and protections. Many cards nowadays come with travel insurance, car rental insurance and other travel benefits, but you must use the correct card to pay for the trip in order to be eligible for those benefits during your trip.

Maximize Your Credit Card Rewards by Knowing Which Card to Use for Your Purchase

#3 Get automatic refunds if prices drop 

If you have bought something expensive and worry about having the price go down and losing out on the deal, with Sift that’s a worry of the past.  Sift automatically tracks prices for your purchases and if the price drops, it will automatically get you money back from the retailer or from your credit card provider!

#4 Earn $100s more by getting credit card optimized for your spending

After using Sift I realized that I should have gotten a new card when I became a mom.  Getting a baby is life changing event also financially. It totally changes how we are spending our money. And how we are spending our money has huge impact on what type of card is optimal for you. Some cards give as high as 4% cashback for travel and dining categories, but only 1% for groceries. This type of card is great when you are traveling and dining out a lot, but now you are probably spending more time at home with the family and spending is much more around groceries, clothing and gas. This means that optimal card would be a card that has high cashback % for these categories.   Sift has made it very easy to find what is the optimal card for you. You just type in your monthly spending profile and it then calculates how much cashback all the different cards out there would pay out and then recommends the ones that would give you the highest cashback.

SiftWallet Gets You the Lowest Prices on Amazon

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17 thoughts on “4 Ways to Save on Purchases AND Maximize Your Rewards Effortlessly!

  • These are fantastic tips for saving money, thank you so much for sharing! I love Amazon and pretty much use them for everything (including streaming)! As a busy mom of three it helps me SO much to be able to shop online and not have to worry about the hectic shopping experience with my littles (I save money too by not impulsively buying things like when I go to an actual store).

  • Absolutely adore your blog darling! Always posting something new and exciting for us!

  • I’ve never heard of this app before. It’s a great idea. Thanks for posting!

  • I really need to get this installed. Thanks!

  • I have a co-worker who is so amazing at getting bargains especially at CVS and Walgreens. The past month she has donated to my family enough detergent, shampoo, snacks and unexpected treats to last us three months!

  • These tips can really make a difference to saving money and getting a good price.


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