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How to Shop Like an Insider for Your Girls this Valentine’s Day!

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I love being a savvy shopper, but what I love more is sharing my finds with others so they can use them too!  It’s no fun to talk about the great deals I come across unless the listener can benefit from them too.  I don’t want anyone leaving going “Man!  I wish I could come across a deal like that!”  I’m not here to brag!  I’m here to help!

Are you looking for a great deal for your girls this Valentine’s Day!  I’m going to show you where to find, how to claim it, and guide you though the insider tips to checking on with my favorite Amazon seller, SmitCo! SmitCo started selling online long before I even had my Prime membership! It’s amazing to meet a seller who started early and gets to sell the products they love!  SmitCo is founded by a grandmother who loves to spoil her cuties with the girliest gifts around! (*Raises hand* We quickly found common ground because I’m all about taking every opportunity to spoil my girls too!)

Mermaid Scrapbook Set from SmitCo LLC #GiftsforGirls #SmitCo #Scrapbooking

How to SAVE BIG on Your Order from SmitCo!

Ordering for my girls online is easy with SmitCo because I can quickly see everything they have to offer through the Amazon marketplace AND take advantage of my free PRIME 2-Day shipping! PLUS an even bigger bonus is that SmitCo makes super savvy Amazon shoppers (like me) happy with coupon discounts directly on the product screen AND discount codes you can apply at your online cart. 

COUPONS can be seen right at the top of the product page under the price of the product on Amazon (see screen shot), you MUST check the box, if you don’t check the coupon box, you won’t receive the discount! 

How to Use Coupons and Discount Codes on Amazon and Where to Find them!

NEXT, you will want to scroll down to the “Special offers and product promotions” section right below the product description or “other customers have also shopped for…” section.  There, you will find discount codes for SmitCo products that are between 10% and 70% off select items!  Again, this isn’t a passive discount, you have to actively do the work to receive the discount. That means a quick read, and a copy and paste into the discount codes section at checkout.  It’s easy peasy!

How do I know it’s easy peasy? Because I did it to prepare for this review! This article is a TRUE review of their services.  That means, I ordered my girly gifts on Amazon just like you would, and received my packages just like any other customer; giving you real insight on everything SmitCo from start to finish! I placed my SmitCo order on Amazon, clicked the coupons, and pasted in my favorite (for anyone who chose to use it) discount code! I had a savings of over $20 applied to my cart before finalizing my order!

Stretch Necklace, bracelet, and ring for toddler and little girls from SmitCo LLC #GiftsforGirls #SmitCo

What Did I Get From SmitCo for My Girls?

Because I’m a mom of four girls, I went for the gold and ordered several gifts to share with you.  This is what I grabbed from my shopping trip:

When the gifts arrived, each came packaged nicely in SmitCo packaging.  The Pink Heart Journal Set with Stickers and Pencil arrived in a high quality brown box with SmitCo logo on it. I like that the journal had a protective box instead of plastic or shrink-wrap packaging. The little girls/toddler necklace sets each arrived in adorable boxes with hearts on them.  I think my littlest girls loved the boxes as much as they love the necklaces. 

SmitCo Gifts for Girls Packaging and Presentation Review #SmitCoLLC #GiftsforGirls #Review #MommysPlaybook

Every female in my home is happy with our SmitCo purchase.  Our order had something for everyone, regardless of age! I even found myself borrowing a few jeweled stickers for my laptop case!

My oldest (17 year old) took hold of the Pink Heart Journal Set to keep for herself. She is currently using it for her prayer journal and says the paper is a great quality; AND she loves that the spiral binding allows for the book to fold all the way around to the back of the book to remain out of the way.

My thirteen year old who is “too cool for all this” fell for the neat pencil that doesn’t require sharpening, and her baby sister shared her ladybug ring with her (fits perfectly).

SmitCo Mermaid Scrapbook Gift Set for Girls #GiftsforGirls #GirlyGifts #Birthday #ValentinesDay

My six year old tried to claim everything as her own, but decided that sharing was great too because now she has something to share with the “big girls”. Which, in turn, made her feel special/like a big girl.  Her favorite SmitCo gift was the Mermaid Scrapbooking Set. This set has a secret code scrapbook, with a big collection of stickers, AND an adorable pen (that she guards with her life).

Cute Mermaid Theme Scrapbooking Kit For Girls Features: 

  • Scented secret scrapbook (60 pages) with pass code lock
  • 1 sheet 3D stickers
  • 2 sheets of scented stickers
  • 24 pieces of self adhesive jewels
  • 1 feather pen
  • 1 craft tape
  • 1 pencil pouch

Mommy’s Playbook SmitCo Review

I am very pleased with my purchases from SmitCo.  Not only are all of my girls extremely happy with their gifts, but I was really pleased with the presentation of them when they arrived.

SmitCo LLC Girly Gifts for any occasion!  Girls Mermaid Diary and Scrapbook with stickers and girly pen review

Who is SmitCo? And How to Become an Insider!

SmitCo LLC has been selling online since 2006. They feature all things fashion jewelry for little girls and toddlers, non toxic nail polish and art sets, diaries with lock and keys, scrapbooks and more. Be sure to view their online store often for new products and sales! OR become an insider to stay in the know + receive 10% Off your orders! —->Signup HERE

Visit SmitCo online to view their complete collection of girly gifts for any occasion.

SmitCo Gifts for Girls for Christmas, Birthday, and everything in between! #GirlyChristmas #GiftsforGirls

SmitCo | SmitCo Amazon | Facebook

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10 thoughts on “How to Shop Like an Insider for Your Girls this Valentine’s Day!

  • How cute! The stickers would be a big hit. Little kids just seem to be nuts for stickers.

  • These are such cute ideas. And your little one is adorable!

  • I have never heard of this company before. I will have to check this out. Cute ideas

  • What a wonderful website and gift idea! Thanks for sharing

  • Great tips, nice insight so that people know what they’re getting.

  • I’ve never heard of SmitCo. It sounds like a fun place. Thanks for posting!

  • I too have four daughters and it was hard for me to buy girly gifts, because I was a tomboy all of my life!! I know you’re not supposed to question God, but I have wondered why He blessed me with all girls? I wanted just one more baby to try and see if I can have my baby boy. My husband put a kabosh in three idea. He said that he was already outnumbered – plus he said the boy would be around nothing but girl toys, clothes, hair products, etc.
    I couldn’t buy anything for him from here! Well now, I have 15 grandkids and 11 of them are girls!
    I took a look at their website. I like that their products are made in the USA. My daughters used to love to journal. Well back then it was called keeping a diary.
    The designs and colors are beautiful!! This was pin worthy. Thank you for sharing!

  • I commented before & my comment disappeared!
    So I am trying again. I have 4 grown daughters and 11 of my 15 grandkids are girls. My granddaughters love these journals. I bought them a few of these when I went to their book fairs with them. These products are pretty! Pretty designs and colors. I visited their website and found out that their products are made in the USA. I pinned this for future reference. Thank you for sharing!

  • Thanks again. I will be saving this info from this article and all the printables for 2023.


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